Another week gone in a blink.

The bookends of our week were full fledge Christmas decorating. Sunday we went Christmas tree shopping.


Friday we went shopping for new outside lights. Rob is completely over the icicle lights that we have been hanging on the house. We ended up spending way to much money, but feel ok about it as we felt like we needed an upgrade and we’re almost completely LED lights outside now.

Saturday Caitlyn and Drew came over to make sausage balls. Drew had cut his finger the night before and decided it would be best not to have his finger all up in the sausage. He was sweet enough to help Rob by putting the lights in the bushes.


I will show lots of pics of inside and outside in a separate post when we’re completely done decorating.

Caitlyn made the sausage balls. We usually cook up a batch and freeze the rest.


Saturday morning, Rob and I also did some shopping. We were at Sam’s and I found this wine. I had to try it just for its funny name. Caitlyn and I really enjoyed it that evening drinking nearly the entire bottle.

2020-12-13 17.46.06

As far as the rest of the week, Rob and I went out to our favorite Mexican place for lunch to discuss Christmas presents and our Christmas trip. We decided on what we’re getting people for the most part. We also decided that traveling across several states to visit family wasn’t the best of ideas since COVID is really raring it’s ugly head right now. Luckily my family that we were going to see were all understanding.

Today I found a really nice Christmas album called A Jolly Irish Christmas Volume II . If you’re looking to change up your Christmas tunes, this ones great!

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