The Classic Summer Dinner, Done Right!

What do you consider to be a classic dish? A meal that we consider to be timeless. Something that kids and your grandparents love just as much as you do. For summer, there are countless classic dishes. Coleslaw and buffalo wings, mac n’ cheese with a summer salad or perhaps smoked salmon with Mediterranean vegetables. There’s no real classic meal that has the honor of wearing the crown as being the top meal of summer, but we can sure make our summer dinner full of the classics.

A salad that isn’t messing around
A summer salad is one of the most amazing side dishes of all time. Why? It’s got so much history, so much culture, and the fresh produce is far from meshed together. A summer salad done right is balanced in texture, greenness, and flavors. You can use vinegar and oil or your favorite dressing.

Ingredients: tomatoes, lettuce, sweetcorn, pomegranate, grapes, white beans, horseradish, avocado and plenty of seasoning to allow the water content to ooze out of each ingredient.

Dressings or oils: Pumpkin seed oil is not usually thought of as a go to salad oil. It’s made from the highest quality European pumpkin seeds, which brings a nice, intense flavor. You can also always go for the classic balsamic vinegar dressing, which is highly popular.

Lean and light
If we’re totally honest, the best summer meals are not heavy. So don’t consider having a great big leg of lamb or a fatty pork shoulder. Instead, go for lean and light. An Italian garlic and herb roasted chicken is incredibly flavorful yet very lean. All you need are a few ingredients.

Sun-Dried tomatoes
Sea salt and coarse black pepper

Italian herb chicken can be coupled with many other foods, such as roasted potatoes, Mediterranean roasted vegetables, mushrooms in mushroom sauce, pasta or perhaps the summer salad. Italian herb chicken can be baked or pan-roasted in vegetables.

Summer is about desserts
The best summer desserts will always be two things. Light or airy and naturally sweet. Simple sugars and plenty of fat that has been made into light spoonfuls go down well.

Consider a New York vanilla cheesecake. This is a lightweight, crumbly, dessert that isn’t sharp in flavor but very smooth and filling. Another classic summer dessert is a roulade. This is a meringue that has been rolled, filled with sweet treats like raspberries or lemon, and can be eaten with chocolate sauce or ice cream. Roulades are fun to make but they take time and patience to get just right.

The summer meal is light and flavorful. This type of dinner is one you may not make many other times of year, so now is the perfect opportunity.

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