Summer Bucket List 2018

By | June 19, 2018

Summer officially starts this week. In case you wondered summer is from Thursday, June 21 through Saturday, September 22. Although, my 9th grader starts school August 8th and my college kid starts August 20th. And since both the boys have been done with school since May, I’ve let a several weeks go by. I need to get busy.

Spring Training 2018

– Make popsicles.
– Make something off my Recipe Bucket List.
– Make some bird feeders.
– Go swimming.
– Make root beer floats.
– Go on a quick family trip somewhere fun.
– Go on a family hike.
– Visit family.
– Read three good novels.
– Go to a farmer’s market.
– Go to a baseball game.
– Go to the mountains.
– Have 2 unplugged nights (no phones, tvs, or screens of any kind).
– Eat watermelon (try it with a little salt like my Grandmother used to eat it.)
– Grill out (or as some people say barbeque).

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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