My Uncle Guy is racing solo in Race Across America this year, the world’s toughest race. Last year he was raced in a mixed pair and won! My Dad is part of the crew, who assists in driving the RV or other support vehicles. I’ve included links that I will be following throughout the race:

Guy’s 2006 Race Blog
Team Endorphins (Guy’s website)
Guy’s times
Race Position by Division

Race at a Glance
RAAM Forums

Other Rider Blogs:
Rob Lucas
Marko Baloh
Jure Robic
Dave Haase
Kevin Wallace
Daniel Wyss
Tony O’Keeffe

2006 Race Roster
Time Station Stats

Maps to Route
Oceanside, CA to Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ to Pagosa Springs, CO
Pagosa Springs, CO to El Dorado, KS
El Dorado, KS to Effingham, IL
Effingham, IL to Parkersburg, WV
Parkersburg, WV to Atlantic City, NJ

See pictures taken pre-race 2006 of my Uncle Guy:
on left with white T-shirt on.
near the middle with white T-shirt and mismatched socks.
on the very left with white T-shirt on.
on third from left with white T-shirt on. I love his grin here!

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