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By | April 14, 2016

One of the biggest things in my daily life I struggle with is knowing what to cook for dinner. I think for most busy folks we’re constantly on the go and meal planning is something that gets pushed aside. I’ve had a few stretches where I’ve done a good job with it, but I get burnt out with thinking through it and making a grocery list. I know have lot of friends in the same boat. They hate when the dinner bell is ringing and they are still trying to figure out what they can throw together based on the ingredients that are in the fridge and pantry.

My Happy Plates - Win a Lifetime Membership!

When I was approached by Ryan at My Happy Plates to help them promote their business through the kickstarter program I was all over it! Their website provides personalized menus, simple recipes, and prepared shopping lists make meal planning so much easier and less time consuming. Eating frozen pizza and ramen not only gets boring it’s not very healthy. My Happy Plates takes pride in knowing their meals are healthy.

They have several dietary plans from just an everyday plan to a vegetarian plan. They’re meals are customizable to include all your favorite foods and exclude the foods you don’t like. Give My Happy Plates a try to help take out all of the hassle of what should be the simple act of cooking and eating dinner.

Let me know if you have questions about My Happy Plates. As I get more familiar with it I plan to write another post, so please share any questions you may have about this new product.

Here’s a sample meal plan.

Give away now closed. Thanks!

So who’s excited about trying this out? If you’re as eager as I am to give it a shot, just comment below and I’m going to give away 2 Free Lifetime memberships to My Happy Plates! I’ll announce the winner on April 30th!

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