Monthly Digest – October 2021

By | October 28, 2021


Happenings Rob and Drew went to the Braves vs Dodgers NLCS Game

Loving the cooler temps lately!

2021-10-27 07.04.40

Happy that Auburn beat LSU!

Excited that the Braves are playing in the World Series!

Reminiscing With Alex going to homecoming his senior year just last week, I’ve been thinking back to Drew’s senior year homecoming.

Homecoming_2015 - 015

Social Nothing much except hanging out with folks while helping with the homecoming dinner.

Work Memories Vaccines being required to keep job!

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 2.04.41 PM

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Lesson Learned Life is full of surprises.

Current Project I haven’t accomplished much this month, but I did try a couple more colors in the kitchen. I have narrowed it down to 2 colors, so I just need to decide which one I like better and get it painted.

Rob has been watching a ton of baseball with all the playoffs going on. Rob god 2 cash awards at work for the Tiger Card project he helped with as well as the SRAPPA conference. Rob went to Mobile earlier in the month to help run the SRAPPA conference for work. I was supposed to go, but needed to stay home with Alex.

Drew has really taken an interest in plants over the last year of living on his own. I love being able to help him with plant advice. 🙂

Alex decided to go to Homecoming (see below).

Most remembered Alex going to Homecoming.


Wearing my new Nike Women’s Revolution 4 Sneakers

2021-10-27 11.18.31

This Weekend watching the Braves games and hopefully see the Braves win the World Series. That would be amazing! We’ll also watch football.

Looking Forward to Next Month Thanksgiving and a few days off.


Eating Rob made Gumbo, which was so yummy.

2021-10-17 12.00.25

Favorite I also made Beefy Veg Soup, which is one of my favorite things. I actually made it twice.


movie (network) –
movie (network) – rewatched

TV Shows
I watched:
Casual (Hulu) – Season 1-4 –
Hoarders (Hulu) – Season 3 – This is a show I love to hate. I can only watch it a little at time.
Brothers & Sisters (ABC) – rewatching
Killer Cases (Hulu)

Rob and I watched:
A Million Little Things (ABC) – Season 4
Blue Bloods (CBS) –
CSI: Vegas (CBS) –
The Connors (ABC) –
Young Sheldon (CBS) –
The Wonder Years (ABC) –

Dr. Death Season 3 –
Over My Dead Body Season 1 –
Witnessed: Borderlands

Favorite Song Up Right by smplsmth

Favorite Pic


Look back at last month.


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  1. Joanne

    What a lovely look back at the month! Good luck on getting the painting done.

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