This is a post that never got published from about year ago.  This was an email I sent to my 2 bosses to let them what happened one evening at the Circulation Desk.


Had a weird occurrence this evening, but wasn’t sure if it warranted an “incident report.”

A guy came in and mumbled something to me while was at the desk around 8:30pm. My first thoughts were mental handicap? I was able to pick out a few words and realized he was saying something about his laptop being stolen. The thing was is that he was coming from outside when he said this. He said something to the effect that he was going to go look for it.

He comes back a few minutes later and said he couldn’t find it. He asked if I saw him come in with it and I asked him what time he came in. He said an hour or two ago and I told him that I wasn’t at the desk at that time. I recommended that if he thinks it was stolen to call the police and file a report, but he was like “Oh, I’m not sure if I brought it in or not.” The whole time he’s speaking very unclearly and this point I’m thinking maybe he’s wasted or stoned. He asks to write down his info in case “any laptop of any kind is turned in.” RED FLAG there! So I gave him paper/pen and he writes his name down and then starts looking up something on his phone.

I’m thinking, WOW! He doesn’t know his phone #. Then, he writes it down and even writes “please call with any laptop found.” He smells of cigarettes as he hunched over the counter writing down in info, but I don’t smell anything else suspicious. He was mumbling and talking about that it might be in his car or in his apartment. Just a very strange occurrence.


Never a dull moment at a college library!