Today I’m linking up for Monthly Musings for December with Patty & Holly.

January Monthly Musings- All About Love

1. How do I show love? What is my love language?
I show my love through actions, gift giving, and service. My love language is service. Doing the dishes or doing something around the house are my favorite!

2. Any fun Valentine traditions?
Rob and I really don’t any Valentine’s Day traditions. We play each Valentine’s day by ear depending on what day of the week it hits on or what else is going on.

3. Favorite Valentine Memory/ies?
This one is pretty funny>>>Valentine’s Gift Gone Wrong

4. Favorite Valentine Treat
Anything chocolate!

5. Do I wear Valentine’s Day Fashion?
I don’t. I usually wear something red. I would love this shirt.

6. Valentine’s Day…love it, like it, or a hard pass?
Rob was a hard pass when we first started dating and even through the first years of marriage. We used to wait and celebrate it April because Rob said that was flowers weren’t double in price and no crowds, etc. However, I hated it. Several years later, we started celebrating it on or very near actual Valentine’s Day.

7. What I think is the most romantic song?
That’s a hard one. So many to choose from. My country choice would be:

My pop choice would be:

8. Dine Out, Cook In, or Take Out This Valentine’s Day?
We usually dine out somewhere and we don’t always do it on Valentine’s day to avoid the crowds.

9. Pink or Red?
It depends on what it is, really.

10. Flowers or Chocolate?
I love both.