After a long week of work, sometimes you need a weekend getaway to relax and rejuvenate. Some people look forward to such a weekend break and find exotic and adventurous places.

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These weekend jaunts are preferable by many since they are less expensive and require fewer travel expenses. You will be surprised how planning for a memorable trip can be exciting. You can treat it as a normal vacation but be keen on the travel requirements and documents needed. It is the same as an annual vacation; the only difference is that this is for a short time.

1. Do you love water? Do you like activities such as laying on the beach, picnicking, and kayaking? If you prefer the woods, hiking, or exploring the streets, look for places with activities you enjoy.

2. Look for accommodations near the activities that you’re interested in trying. This will free up so you are spending less time in the car. On a weekend getaway, your time is limited so use it wisely.

3. There are times you will enjoy some company when on the weekend getaway with your partner or friends. When you have been busy all week, it will be perfect for enjoying different activities and delicious meals such as carnivore diet recipes. With great company, you will have someone to make memories with.

4. Unplug for the weekend (as much as you can.) Since you are going for a weekend getaway, spend more of the time relaxing. Put your phone or laptop away, and avoid any business-related emails or calls. Keep your mind open to spending quality time with the people around you. You plan the weekend trip to relax and unwind, use it for that specific purpose.

5. Pack some snacks. It does not matter if you are biking, driving, or flying; make sure you always have some snacks with you. They will help with your energy and help you enjoy the weekend activities. It is a great way to save and avoid unhealthy foods from the gas station or airplane.

6. Since it is a weekend getaway, ensure that you do not spend more time on the road than resting. It is not a road trip, but rather a time to relax and enjoy; maximize vacation time, and minimize the traveling time. When traveling, you will notice that the traveling part is stressful, hectic, and time-consuming.

You can look for options like taking an overnight bus and start your getaway the next morning. Use the Wego app to find the cheapest flights from your area. You will have the chance to compare prices and know the most affordable ones.

7. Take a direct flight, even though non-direct flights tend to be cheaper. You need to be wise and know if you take the latter, will you still save for the getaway. Time is always crucial when on quick trips. When looking for flights, a great tip is to turn on the ‘direct flights’ option to get all the offers. Direct flights not only save time, but will decrease your stress level since you don’t have to make a connecting flight.

8. Don’t check your Luggage. You will avoid any baggage fees for the checked luggage, as well as waiting on your luggage at the airport when you arrive. When on a quick trip in warmer weather, pack light. When it is during the cold season, consider layering to avoid packing more. In case you are struggling with packing, choose a travel outfit to wear on both flights.

Hope you found these tips useful. Enjoy your weekend getaway!