One of the things I used to do growing up was writing to a penpal from far, far away. I got to thinking earlier this year that over the summer, I wanted to try to do some penpalling again. So I began researching it. I came across several sites where those that are interested can find others interested in penpalling.
How to Find a Penpal

How to Find a Penpal

Here’s a list of places you can find penpals.
Penpal World – this is the one I found to be the best and easiest to use.
Penpal Snow
Global Pen Friends

You can also go to instagram and look for posts with these hashtags:
#penpalswanted #penpalsneeded #penpalling

If you’re kids are looking to write, Students of the World appears to be a great place for children to find a penpal. Start them early!

Blogs that talk about Penpalling:
The Pen Company
The Reading Residence
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Things that Annoy Me about Penpalling
Penpalling and Letters
9 Reasons to get into Penpalling

Some of my favorite penpalling tools and materials:

Keep an eye out for more penpalling posts. I am excited to have a penpal now. Love the feeling of my hand out to fall off from handwriting my letters.