Hosting a Healthy Dinner Party: Menu Ideas

By | February 2, 2022

The time has come for you to host a dinner party with all of your closest friends. However, they are all currently on a health kick and you need to cater for their dietary requirements. How do you cook a delicious and impressive meal that doesn’t just consist of spinach and arugula? Well, there are a number of different healthy dinner party ideas that will help you get started with the planning process. Whether you’re looking for a healthy spin on chocolate chip cookies or you want to create light bites for your guests. Here are a few menu ideas for you to choose from.

Hosting a Healthy Dinner Party: Menu Ideas

Light Bites
When it comes to starters for your dinner party, you don’t want to fill up your guests too much before the main event arrives. This is why you should opt for a handful of light, delicious and nutritious bites before the main course is served. Why not create an appetizing Greek salad packed full of fresh red cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, spinach leaves and balsamic vinegar? This is the ideal way to kick start your healthy dinner party with your friends.

Mighty Mains
Even though your friends are following a healthy lifestyle right now, this does it mean their food at your dinner party has to compromise on taste. Look here for the best cauliflower pizza crust recipe and you will discover one of the best ways to make a popular dish in a healthy way. You’re healthy and delicious cauliflower pizza can be topped with a whole host of mouthwatering ingredients such as olives, sweetcorn, mushrooms, and bacon medallions.

Divine Desserts
Deserts don’t need to be jam packed full of sugar in order to be tasty. In fact, why don’t you try creating your very own unique avocado chocolate mousse? This three ingredient dish can be prepared the night before your dinner party and it will be a crowd pleaser. Simply mix together mashed avocado, raw cocoa powder, and a drizzle of honey so that it forms a smooth mousse like texture. Top with a strawberry or raspberry for an attractive garnish, and you will have a divine and healthy dessert for your guests!

Beautiful Beverages
Believe it or not, there are a number of healthy cocktails you can make that aren’t packed with sugar. A light version of a Mojito, cosmopolitan, or dirty martini would be the ideal beverage to serve at your dinner party. Sparkling Elderflower is the perfect non-alcoholic beverage to serve to those who aren’t drinking.

Whether you are hoping to create a themed dinner party or you simply want to impress your work colleagues, all of the ideas mentioned above will help you to create a healthy meal. Mixing up deliciously light cocktails will not only allow your guests to loosen up during the night, but they will also create a brilliant party atmosphere. Enjoy the process of planning your upcoming dinner party and start experimenting in the kitchen!

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