So the other day, I eluded to the fact that I had some exciting news! Although, it shouldn’t effect my blogging at all, my family will totally benefit from it. My 2nd shift (3pm-12am) shifts are no more!! I am taking on a new role at work, which enables me to be a normal human being and work normal 8-5 hours! Can I get a Hallelujah?

So next Monday will be my first day and I’ll admit, it will take some adjusting to. Although, I’m still working in the same department in the library, I’m going to be doing something totally different. There will be a large learning curve and it will take awhile to get use to getting up early and staying up all day! WOW! What a concept. Staying up all day! haha. I’m getting delirious just thinking about it.

Anyway, since I will be a normal person again that will be home in the evenings. That means I can attend my kids’ activities and actually cook dinner every night. That means I can start coming up with a weekly menu and yes, I will be sharing that again for those interested. The last few years, I haven’t been able to try new recipes too often and when I am able to I’m usually so rushed or just flat-out exhausted that I don’t bother to take pictures and when I do they end up not looking too appetizing. I hoping to be able to commit more time to this, as well, as improving my food photography. Never hurts to dream, right?