Fun Facts About Outer Banksimage

The Outer Banks is often forgotten about, but it is full of exciting historical events and facts. With it being a vast sandbar, it’s not attached to anything and is higher than the current sea level.

In 1903 was the first flight out of Kitty Hawk by the Wright Brothers which was a big moment for the Outer Banks.

Being the home to 100 wild horses who love to run the beaches of Corolla, the Spanish War Houses were brought over in the 1500s and had been roaming the Outer Banks ever since. A big attraction of the area is the tallest brick lighthouse in the US at an astonishing 198 inches high. It is an attraction for its 5 million visitors they receive each year. Not to mention a stunning setting for the 3,000 weddings they host every year beating Hawaii and Las Vegas for its popularity. Another big thing the Outer Banks is known for is their giant fish such as the 1000 pound Atlantic Blue Marlin and one of the top five places to surf in the US. Today it has a population of over 57,755 people.

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