Four Ways To Reduce Your Risk When Grocery Shoppingimage

Buying groceries has taken on a new meaning thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, walking into a store and ticking off the products on your list isn’t as simple as it was previously. You’ve got tons of new rules to consider, and what was once a quick run out to the supermarket is currently an awkward back and forth between shoppers.

You’ve got to eat. Covid can’t stop you from having three-square meals. Yet, you don’t want to put your health at risk merely by heading to the shop. What can you do? With the pointers underneath, you can reduce the hazards and shop more safely.

Grow Your Veggies
Growing vegetables in a garden was something that people did in years gone by. Today, everything is readily available, even if it’s not in season, so there’s no need to put in the effort. Of course, apart from being healthier – there are no preservatives and additives – they supplement your shopping habits. Picking potatoes and tomatoes from your veg patch should prevent you from hitting up the store as often. After all, you’ll require fewer items. By doing this, you’re not as likely to come into contact with carriers and contract the virus. Easy!

Check out if you need a place to start.

Order In
Takeout services are everywhere. Even places that shouldn’t cook and deliver food are jumping on the bandwagon. We see you Boober Eats! Apart from the entrepreneurial creativity these enterprises showcase, they also limit the need to go shopping. Don’t worry because you can buy healthy meals that are organic and not calorific. has more information. All you should be wary of is social distancing and hygiene measures when the driver arrives. If you’re not sure, you should wear gloves and wipe down the packaging.

Grocery Pool
Grocery pool is like carpooling – you share the responsibility of shopping with friends and loved ones. The key is to plan your trips strategically. Then, you can go once per week while your partner in crime goes on a different day. By doing this, each person can pick up stuff to top-up your depleting stores while sharing the risk equally. Plus, it’s easy to organize everything through the PiggyBag app. You can learn more by visiting

This trick is simple and effective in equal measure.

Be Prepared
For those who have to head to the store, the best option is to prepare beforehand. With a mask and a shopping list, you should be able to get around quickly and without incident. Of course, you require more than a can-do attitude. As well as a mask, don’t forget to wipe down your reusable bags as the plastic doesn’t absorb the virus, and take your debit and credit card, too. Paying in cash is an unnecessary risk as you don’t know who’s handled the money.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to stay safe when shopping for food!

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