Everything You Need for a Romantic Night In

By | February 12, 2020

Romantic night’s in are lovely. If you’ve got kids, or work long hours and struggle to get out with your partner, a romantic night in might be the only chance that you get to spend quality time together. Even if you can go out whenever you want, and get plenty of time with your partner, there is something special about a romantic night in.

It’s a chance to relax without having to worry about making bookings or getting heard in a busy restaurant. On a night in, there’s no pressure. It’s calming and chilled out. You don’t have to compete with other couples or loud music, nor do you have to worry about what to wear, how to travel, or what time you need to be home. You simply get to be together.

But, if you spend most evenings sitting on the sofa with your partner watching TV, how do you make a romantic night special? How do you turn a regular night in front of the TV into a home date? Here’s a look at everything that you need.

Everything You Need for a Romantic Night In

Food and Drink
The food and drink themselves are important, but so is how you eat them. If you usually eat a quick meal in front of the TV when you get in from work, this is your chance to make a little more effort. You might want to cook something together and finish the meal with this chocolate covered strawberries recipe and a big glass of wine. You could also light some candles and lay the table, or at least turn the TV off.

If you don’t enjoy cooking, or neither of you is very good at it, you might want to order in or buy pre-cooked food that you just need to warm up on the night.

What are you going to do on your romantic night in? There’s nothing wrong with curling up on the sofa, but try not to just carry on with the latest show that you’ve been binging. Treat yourselves to a film that you might have missed at the cinema, or something that you’ve both wanted to see for a while. Make sure that you have cable services from a reputable cable tv provider for the perfect home entertainment.

Alternatives to a film could be playing a board game, chatting with soft music in the background, or treating each other to a massage.

Soft Lighting
There’s something so effortlessly romantic about soft lighting. Turn those harsh ceiling lights off, or dim them if you can, and light some candles or turn on more delicate lights. If you need to repair some lighting systems, make sure to contact an expert electrician or a lighting system repair technician.

If you want to explore different kinds of lighting for your space, see this article for inspiration and ideas.

It’s not always easy to talk when you feel like you should. Think about some topics to talk about, and try to avoid anything negative which might not suit the romantic mood.

Rules don’t sound very romantic, do they? But, some rules, or guidelines, like no phones or tablets, can be a big help.

Comfy Clothes
You might want to get dressed up for your home date night, which is great. But you should still try to be comfortable. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own home, and you just won’t feel right.

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