December 2020 Monthly Musings-The Holidays

By | December 19, 2020

Today I’m linking up for Monthly Musings for December with Patty & Holly.

December Monthly Musings-The Holidays

1. If you celebrate Christmas, what are your traditions?
We go to a Christmas farm and cut down a real tree. I make lots of cookies and chocolate covered everything. We go to Christmas Eve service and have a big feast that evening that I cook (Ham, Hashbrown Casserole Cracker Barrel Copycat Recipe, and another side that I change up year to year. Sometimes I do Bacon Wrapped Green Beans or Candied Green Beans

Christmas morning we wake up and I put Sausage Balls and Apple Dumplins in the oven. While those cook we see what’s in our stockings and take family pictures in front of the tree. After we eat breakfast, we open presents and then Rob gets busy making homemade meatballs and sauce in the kitchen. I usually help with that. The boys usually take stuff to their rooms and start looking at or playing with whatever they got. This year since Drew moved out it will be a little different. He and his girlfriend, Caitlyn will come over that morning and open presents with us and probably hang out with us most of the day. Sometimes we host Christmas. Sometimes we go to Rob’s moms or his sister’s house for Christmas meal and presents with his family.

2. If you celebrate Hanukkah, what are your traditions?
We don’t.

3. What are your holiday plans this year?
We have actually not nailed down plans for this year. We had planned to leave the day after Christmas like we often do, and go to Texas to visit family and then head out to West Texas for some sightseeing. However, with COVID that just wasn’t a good idea so we will do that trip when COVID is no longer a threat.

We’re going to Christmas Eve service on Dec. 23rd because of limited seating at church and the service on the 24th filled up fast. I plan to still do the ham dinner on the 24th. We will still do our homemade pasta, sauce, and meatballs, but as far as seeing family we haven’t figured that out yet.

4. Favorite recipe you are willing to share?
I don’t know if I have a favorite. I love all the food we cook at Christmas. I’ve linked a bunch of recipes already, so check those out!

5. What are you most looking forward to in 2021?
Geez…I’m almost scared to say I’m looking forward to life returning to somewhat normal because of the vaccine. I just don’t have any certainty of how quickly the regular population will get to get the vaccine.

I’ve loved working from home. I’m pretty introverted, but I do enjoy a little social interaction here and there. I can already tell that it will be a big adjustment to be around people at work and at church. If you’re introverted, you probably understand how draining too much socializing can be and with 9+ months of not being social…it’s going to be rough! Especially because my husband is super extroverted and can talk to people for hours and hours. All the while I’m like about to die because I can’t handle all that.

I can say I am looking forward to traveling again, so hopefully we will be able to do that again in 2021.

6. Gift wrapping…love it or hate it?
I really don’t prefer doing it. I’m not great at it and Rob is, so I usually let him do most of it except for what I get him, of course.

7. What are you having as your holiday meal?
See #1 🙂

8. Open gifts Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning. Up until Drew got to high school, I used to let the boys open their Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve so they could wear them that night and wake up and wear those for pictures the next day.

9. What are you doing New Year’s eve?
If we’re home, we go to our Sunday School party and fellowship and do Dirty Santa. It’s always a good time. I know last year we were just too tired from having family visiting, so we skipped out. Many years we’re still traveling and don’t make it. This year that party won’t be on New Year’s Eve due to COVID.

10. Do you have a word for 2021?
I’m still thinking on this one.

4 thoughts on “December 2020 Monthly Musings-The Holidays

  1. Leslie Clingan

    Your meal sounds mouth-wateringly delicious. I think I would like to do the hash brown casserole instead of our traditional twice baked potatoes. Will run that by my prince charming and see what he says. I would like to go to church this week as it has been months and months since we’ve been. But almost afraid to go. How sad! Not sure what dirty Santa is but it sounds interesting. Will be eager to see what you were word of the year is. I’m still pondering mine too. Stay well.

  2. Morgan

    Your Christmas meal sounds delicious! We ordered a Honey Baked Ham for our Christmas Day meal. I am looking forward to traveling next year too!

    1. Lysha Post author

      Thanks! I am so anxious to do bigger travel! Where do you want to go when things get better?


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