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By | March 4, 2008

Ok, so Rob and I started having “date night” back in December. We would go every other weekend and we would take turns planning it and usually it was a surprise. So I’m going to recap our dates and what we did…

Dec. 8 – (planned by Rob) We went to see the ballet, Nutcracker, and ate a fancy restaurant called Dawson’s at Rose Hill

Dec. 22 – (planned by me) I pre-purchased for the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It was the night after it premiered so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t sold out. After that I had asked Rob to email me restaurants we didn’t go to much that he would like to go to more or just some of his all time favs. I narrowed the list down to a few. I wrote them on little pieces of paper and before the movie I had him draw one. Actually I had him draw 2, one just for backup if the first one was too crowded. The restaurant he drew was Longhorn, which was only about a 5 minute way. Rob thought it was really intriguing, because when he drew he didn’t know why or what he was drawing. All he knew was that he was making a decision by drawing. I did it this way because I didn’t want to take the blame for doing something bad. LOL!

Jan. 5 – (planned by Rob) He took my ‘interactive’ idea and made a little quiz like thing on his computer and so I had to choose from different pictures and that would determine what our date was. What I ended up choosing inadvertently was a movie with dinner of course. We saw a great P.S. I Love You. GREAT chick flick! After that we went to our fav restaurant, Durango.

Jan. 19 – (planned by me) I went back the list of places Rob said he wanted to go to more often and chose a restaurant called Ole Auburn Ale House, which was nice and different. We had been there one other time with some family that came in to town for a football game. After that we came back to the house and watched Bourne Ultimatum, which I had rented prior to the date.

Feb. 10 – (planned by Rob) Valentine’s Day Date early.

Feb. 23 – (planned by me) dinner at Carrabas and then to see the Columbus Cottonmouth Hockey Game. It was awesome! We got free bobbleheads at the game. We seriously need to make this a tradition and go much more often. I HEART hockey!

Since then we went on our cruise without kids and it was awesome. We’ve been so busy with other things that we haven’t resumed our dating schedule….

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