/beginning/ the new year with some goals that I’m actually still formulating. I hope to post those soon. I’ve also decided to begin doing the Sentence a Day post each month. In case you missed it, I’m also beginning a new photo challenge that you can read about here>>>> iSpy Photo Challenge

/feeling/ relieved. Yesterday I had to do an diagnostic ultrasound because I had detected something before my last mammogram. The ultrasound showed ‘nothing of concern.’ Hallelujah!

/organizing/ my thoughts, hopes, and desires for the New Year. This kind of goes along with my goal setting. I love the illusion of a ‘new start’ each year and use it to figure out big goals I’d like to set for the year.

I would also like to do some home organization, but again that will be part of my goals.

/resolving/ We’re in the 6th day of the year and had all of these things I wanted to do each day and I’m already finding myself overwhelmed and many of them seem repetitive and unnecessary. For my sanity I think I need to resolve that I can’t do it all and try and narrow them down to the most important.

/wondering/ when we’ll start to see a difference in the virus as more and more folks get the vaccine.

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