Before Leaving Fort Myers, Florida

By | April 21, 2015

On Day 4 of our Florida tour, we woke up from our restful night at the Hotel Indigo got packed up and got ready to site-see the area and then, head further south.

While we waited on our car to be brought up from the valet, Drew decided he wanted to climb the large Mangrove tree across the street from our hotel.

Here he is after he started coming down.

I love this picture of Rob and I, because it shows how mammoth this tree really is.

After watching him climb as high as he could go and getting a few more pictures of it, we were intrigued by the Bald Eagle carved from this tree stump. Such a beautiful piece of artwork that is located in front of the old courthouse on Main Street.
Lee County, FL Old Courthouse

This tree was sculpted by a chainsaw artist named Martin Miller who used a rotting Live Oak to make this beautiful creation.
ort Myer's Old Courthouse

One of the things on our list for Day 4 was to go to the Edison & Ford Winter Estate. However, we hadn’t done our research, so when we got over there we saw that we were too early. We didn’t want to wait around until 9am, so we decided to forgo that and make our way to Sarasota. We had heard how beautiful the beaches were there and the kids were itching to feel the sand between their toes. We got over to Sarasota but the place was COVERED over. It was like ants fighting to get to the queen bee, but in this case we were all trying to get parking spots as people left. We decided it wasn’t worth all that and we couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Time was a wasting and we were getting hungry so we decided to travel on to Sanibel Island.

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