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Hi, I’m Lysha, pronounced Lee-sha or like Lisa with a “SH” sound in stead of “SSS” sound. (Whoa! that was the teacher in me). Anyway, for the longest time I didn’t use my real name on my blog, but I’m kinda over that now. It was so impersonal, so there ya go!

Magnolia Mom is a(n)…
{mom} of 2 boys
{wife} to her best friend for 17 years
{blogger} of 8 years
{graduate} of Richland High
{Texas Native} 1975-1996
{resident} of the city of Auburn since 1996
{graduate (’99) and employee} of Auburn University
{user} of Macs
{former elementary ed teacher}
{chef} wanna-be
{sufferer} of Fibromyalgia
{lover} of:
    ~ Facebook
    ~ chocolate
    ~ lists
    ~ Fox News
    ~ reality TV
    ~ music of all sorts
    ~ cruising
    ~ Diet Coke
    ~ sleep
    ~ frozen (strawberry) margaritas

The hubs Teenager Monkey Daisy
Husband Kid #1 Kid #2 Pet
Rob, Mr. Mag* TV Boy*, Teenager* Monkey Boy*, Monkey, MB Daisy
39 16 10 4
Website Developer 11th grader 5th grader Super Dog
passionate volunteer, scout leader, watching sports, traveling soccer, trombone, Life Scout, & watching baseball and movies soccer, cub scout, playing in the yard with neighbors, & video games playing, barking, snuggling, & just being an all around great dog

*nicknames used for internet safety purposes only
-updated 8/28/2014