8 Items College Students Need

If you have a senior in high school like I do, you’re thinking about what college options to consider. After that you have to start considering what they will need when they go away to college. Here’s 8 items they will need…


The first thing on the list is a good set of headphones. Whether your kid is taking classes online or in person, they’re going to need some way to tune out distractions and focus on their work. A quality pair of headphones will do the trick, and there are plenty of great options available these days.


Another must have for any student is a laptop. Even if they’re not taking their courses online, most professors expect students to do at least some of their work on a computer. It’s also helpful for researching topics, communicating with classmates, and more. So make sure your child has a good one that can handle everything they need it to.


Make sure your student’s room has adequate lighting. Having a desk lamp is usually a must regardless of the lighting in the room. This makes for easier studying and less strain on the eyes. You can even find ones that include USB ports on the base, so students don’t have to use up all their outlets.

Laundry Basket

Another great addition for your student’s new home away from home. A laundry basket! When it’s time to run down to the laundry mat whether it be in the dorm or one in town, your child will need a basket to transport dirty and clean clothes!

A Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge is essential if your child will be living in the dorms. It’s great for keeping snacks and drinks cold. I know when I was living in a dorm, it made life so much easier to store Cokes and milk as well as other snacks.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit comes in handy when blisters arise from walking around campus, or other random happenings. Bandaids, Neosporin, and Anti-itch cream would all be helpful items to have when your kid is away at college. They should also include any prescriptions that may be taken regularly and over-the-counter medicines such as pain relievers for headache relief.

A Car

Even though your child will be walking to their classes, having a good car will boost their independence. Also, it will be a lifesaver on days when the weather is horrible and when they need to go to places at night (safety first). It will also make it easier for them to visit home by hitting the road themselves instead of taking buses and other transport methods. Depending on your budget, you can look at either a new or used car on different sites like Edmunds. They even have reviews on different models and makes that will help with making the right choice in what car will be best.

Organizational System

Finally, the last thing you’ll want to get your student is some type of organizational system for their room. This could be anything from a desk organizer to shelves or even just bins to store everything in. College students have a lot of stuff, and it’s important that they have somewhere to put it all, so they don’t end up overwhelmed and stressed out.