Cooking meals from scratch is the easiest way to be in control of what you’re eating. However, we all have days when we want to be done with the cooking as quickly as possible. We all have days after work where we don’t think we can put one foot in front of the other, much less prepare a delicious dinner. A well-stocked kitchen can avoid some issues. Here are 5 tips that will help you get a simple meal ready in no time.

5 Tips For Cooking after an Exhausting Day

1. Master the art of making sandwiches

A sandwich can act as a full meal and be ready in a few minutes. Contrary to common beliefs, you can make a delicious and nutritious sandwich in your kitchen using leftovers. What does the right sandwich need? It starts with your choice of bread. Ideally, you want a crusty and flavorful roll, brioche, or croissants! Choose your spread wisely and stay away from foods that will make your bread soggy. Don’t over pack your sandwich. Aim for on average 4 to 5 ingredients rather than overfilling it.

2. Great sauces make great dishes
Simple dishes only need a glorious sauce to go from basic to amazing. Learning how to make barbecue sauce at home or whip a homemade tarragon sauce can elevate your meat, fish, and veggie dishes in no time. Besides, once you start to make your own sauce, you don’t need to buy the premade versions in stores.

3. Know your spices
A lot of cuisines around the world share the same ingredients. You will find scallions, chicken, and pepper in Jamaican, Asian, and Mediterranean dishes. However, the choice of spices can make a big difference. Understanding how to best use spices in different dishes can be an easy way to change up every day menu options. You may want to invest in a spice grinder to create your mixes. Grinders are a fantastic option for marinade rubs, Indian recipes, and Mediterranean flavors.

4. Invest in cookbooks
You can’t cook without knowing a few recipes. Cookbooks can be a fantastic source of inspiration. Great home cooks tend to master a few recipes from their favorite books and explore and experiment from there. Recipes give you a baseline for your cooking, which provides fallback options for when you’re not sure what to prepare.

5 Tips For Cooking after an Exhausting Day

5. Always stock up pantry staples
Keeping your pantry stocked with all the essentials will ensure you can whip up an easy evening meal even when after an exhausting day. Everyone has favorites, so you’ll need to figure out which staples are best suited to your cooking style. You will need some dried ingredients, such as pasta, rices, and beans. Keeping a few cans and dried spices will make things a lot easier for most recipes. Frozen vegetables are also an easy solution to bulk up a dish.

Lazy day? You can still cook a homemade meal that is nutritious and flavorsome without relying on Uber eats or other delivery services. While there’s nothing wrong with ordering food, there’s so much satisfaction in making your own meal too!