10 Day You Challenge: Day 1 {Ten Secrets}

By | September 20, 2011

So I am still swamped with many projects that I have not been able to wrap up, but I’m hoping by next week many of those will be closer to being complete. Very ready for that! So in the mean time, I found this “10 Day You Challenge” that I’m going to try and do. So for the 1st post, I’m to tell you about 10 secrets….WOW! I’m not sure I have 10 secrets to tell, but I’ll see what I can do.

1. I was trying to look back to see if I’ve ever talked about this before here and I can’t seem to find where I’ve told you, so here goes. My 1st concert was to see the New Kids on the Block! Yes, as much as I cringe with that sad fact, it is true. It was really awesome though. My aunt and uncle got me a ticket for Christmas and I got to ride in a stretch limo to the concert. It was a fun night.

Source: people.com via Magnolia Mom on Pinterest

2. While in college, I got revenge by egging a car. That is so not like me at all, but it was so much fun and very vindicating. DISCLAIMER: I would never condone this behavior though.

3. My freshmen year in high school, I used to get in trouble by one of the assistant principals for PDA! **blush**

4. Growing up I never understood why girls were not supposed to call boys. Being raised by my Grandparents, I seriously thought that was just a really old fashion custom. I felt that in the 1990’s it wasn’t a big deal for girls to call boys.

5. So to go a long with #4, I called boys all the time!

6. I used to get SO angry at my Grandmother when she would ask me to do extra chores. I was usually pretty good about not talking back, but when I would turn the vacuum on I would yell not nice things. However, she couldn’t hear me because the vacuum was so loud.

7. I sometimes wonder if I would have a better relationship with my cousins if I wasn’t raised by my grandparents. This could end up being a blog post in itself, but to put it shortly, my grandparents were ‘blinded’ by me being the Granddaughter that they were raising and really wanted to have nothing to do with my cousins. So that negated the time that I could have spent with my cousins.

8. I can’t stand looking in the mirror at myself. I used to always take a quick glance when walking by a mirror. Now I make sure to turn my head. When I see pics of myself I can’t believe that’s the way I actually look.

9. Most of the time, I can’t stand talking on the phone. I don’t know why it’s just something I dread. I would much rather text, chat, or email, at least that way I can formulate what I want to say carefully.

10. Sometimes, I miss being the person I used to be. I used to be “not as fat.” I used to be more organized. I used to be anal about keeping a clean house. I used to be sweeter. I used be extremely positive.

So there are my secrets! Feel free to start the challenge and leave a comment so I can come read. 🙂

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