Paige made 2 lists like these. I thought I’d do the same! This list has always been in my head, but never written in down. I’ve marked off the ones I’ve done! They’re not in any order.

Things To Do Before I Die
Fall in love.
Own a home.
Get married.
Graduate from college.
Get married.
Have kids.
Go in a hot air balloon. (wished I hadn’t) LOL!
White water raft.
Ride horses through the mountains.
Swim with Stingrays.
Go on a cruise.

Get a masters.
Go to all 50 states.
Design and build my own house.
Be debt-free (at least all the bad debt).
Travel the world.
Get in really good shape.
Ski in Switzerland.
Take a photography class.
Take cooking classes.
Cruise to Alaska.
Go to Hawaii.
Go to Austrailia.
Travel across the US in an RV after I retire.

Run a marathon.
Sky dive.
Go on Fear Factor.
Bungee jump.
Get a Ph.D.