Thirteen Things about 2006

1. Drew had his first sleep over party for his 8th birthday.
2. My Dad came to visit.
3. Drew joined the Cub Scouts.
4. I got a new camera, a Canon Rebel.
5. Alex turned 2!
6. We went on 2 family campouts. My first time to sleep in a tent since my toddlerhood.
7. Drew caught a snake (and it bit him!)
8. My kids were Darth Vader and Elmo for Halloween.
9. My favorite Christmas gift was all the books I received.
10. I became an aunt, with a new nephew and a new niece!
11. We put our house up for sale.
12. We spent Thanksgiving in Spring Hill, FL.
13. We got a new 30-something inch flat screen TV!

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